A1 Communication Rigging Services is a West Australian company at the forefront of mast, tower and antenna installations.

Tower_bush_skyWith over fifty years combined knowledge and experience in telecommunications, supported by a team of highly qualified installation and maintenance Tradespeople, A1 has a reputation for delivering the highest quality workmanship supported by expansive technical knowledge and skills.

A1 has been involved in installations and maintenance of Mobile Phone sites for all the major carriers including Telstra, RMCP (royalties for regions and black spot coverage), Vodafone, Vivid Wireless and Optus, and are Telstra’s preferred contractors in Western Australia. A1 has been involved with offshore communications with Chevron, Apache, setting up communications with oil rigs, maintenance and inspections of offshore platforms. A1 also has celebrated associations with Television and Broadcasting major networks, ABC, CH7, CH 9, CH10 amongst others.

A1 provided technical expertise on phase 1 and 2 of WAPOL (WA Police) through Motorola from Perth to Northam, Perth to Busselton and Perth to Lancelin. These phases included new towers, poles and mast installations and their foundations, antennas and feeders. WAPOL Merriden Network installations through ICS, Albany, Mt Barker & Goldfields WAPOL installations through Metro West.

A1 is a preferred contractor to the Water Corporation of Western Australia with maintenance, inspections and fault repairs on their wireless networks.



Ian Hodson (Director)

Ian began his career with the Radio Lines Section, progressing to Broadcasting where he achieved the highest position in the Communications Officer grading, CO6. This level carried the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the lines staff in his area – approximately 40, based in Perth, Darwin and Adelaide.

These responsibilities incorporated scheduling and execution of work for staff under his control and he was responsible to the appropriate Project Manager for work assigned to his staff. He ensured that all work was carried out on time, to budget, and executed in conformity with established procedures and the quality plan for each project. Meeting the stringent requirements for Occupational Health and Safety standards always paramount in this role.

Ian is well equipped to handle any aspect of installation, construction and maintenance of antennas, towers and masts and is proficient on structures in excess of 700ft in height. Ian has all the necessary skills to engage in and direct his staff in rigging practices.

Ian developed a reputation as a team leader who excels, is well liked and respected and a person who gets the job done. He received his training through Telstra and so will always provide the skills of the highest notable standard.


John De Stefano (Director)

John began his career with the Radio Lines Section as a radio linesman and worked his way up to become reputedly, the best Field Supervisor at the time he departed Telstra after 16 years of service. He undertook numerous major projects as field supervisor and completed them all to exceptionally high standards.

John was required to ensure all tasks were carried out in a safe, efficient and economical manner and in accordance with Telstra policy and procedures. Responsibilities included all types of foundation work for a variety of masts, towers and equipment shelters; major installation of Microwave Systems, Digital Radio concentrator Systems, Cellular Mobile Systems and all types of antenna and cable installations.

One of John’s greatest attributes is his ability to organize projects to run smoothly and extract the best from his staff with his honest and straightforward approach. His verbal and communication skills are highly developed through his various roles enabling him to adapt his style dependent on the group he is working with from linesmen to senior management. He is adept at reporting and documentation, and assists management in design processing for projects.

Through John’s ability to maintain a positive attitude towards both his work and the people he works with, and a high degree of aptitude, organisational skills and initiative he has always achieved the objectives of every position he has held.

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