A1 Communication Rigging Services maintain the highest Quality Assurance standards which are primary requirements in the industry.

A1 Communication Rigging Services has established an enviable reputation within the industry for following, and in most instances, surpassing the policy and procedures which are requirements of quality service in the telecommunications industry.

A1 complies to stringent Occupational Health and Safety standards. This ensures that all contracts and the personnel carrying out the work, follow procedures in a safe and efficient manner, without compromising quality to meet deadlines.

Our mandate to deliver a quality service to customers includes:

• An accurate assessment of materials, contractors and time necessary to complete the contract
• Compliance with on-site health and safety schedules
• Adjustment to insurance requirements for the duration of specific contracts
• Use of the best equipment and materials available
• Provision of ongoing follow-up services to ensure customer satisfaction
• This process stands as testament to our exceptional standards and quality of service.